Your Instant Video Empire v3 [YIVE]: The True Content Automation Solution?

If you are a marketer, you probably know how important it is to direct potential customers to your offers. One of the many ways to do this is through leveraging YouTube as a marketing platform. What keeps most marketers away from this method is that to run a YouTube channel, you need to be constantly chugging out new video content. That means recording, editing, and uploading consistently. Maintaining a YouTube channel is truly tedious work. Well, not anymore as on July 31, 2020, Marcus Cudd will be launching Your Instant Video Empire v3 [YIVE].

Your Instant Video Empire v3 [YIVE] is a cloud software where you can easily create content for your YouTube channel. All you literally have to do is log in, click a few times, and just relax as the product does all the heavy lifting for you as it automatically creates and uploads new high-quality video content for your channel. Although it comes with a plethora of different features all built around quality video automation, it is simple enough to be used by anybody. With this software, maintaining a YouTube channel and driving free targeted traffic to your offers or sites will no longer be a problem. You can gain access once it launches by paying a monthly fee of $47 which goes directly to further improving and developing the software.

Gone are the days where you have to spend countless hours in front of a monitor editing your videos and uploading them daily with the automated systems Your Instant Video Empire v3 [YIVE] has. If you want to know more and learn about the product’s individual features, stay tuned for our in-depth article discussing the product in full. This article will soon be available for public reading after the official product launch, so be sure to return on that date.

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