WPVidadz: A Review

By virtue of its nature, the video is perhaps the most effective way to deliver information. This is why billions of people flock YouTube on a daily basis, consuming a huge chunk of the world’s data in the process. Now YouTube makes for a great source of traffic, and it is one of the best sites to run a highly targeted advertising campaign. The thing about YouTube is that you don’t get to display your ads to the exact videos where you want it to show up. Netplus Systems has a new product that solves this problem, in a way, and it is called WPVidadz.

This product is a $17 video marketing WordPress plugin that will go live on this very date, May 12, 2020. What it does is that it lets you display any advertisement on any YouTube video on your WordPress site. This makes it easier for your visitors to click on your ads after they have viewed the video posted on your site. This tool sure is a great way to monetize your own video as it lets you advertise your own offers right on the vid itself.

WPVidadz is slated to come live in a few hours from now, the launch for which is going to start this morning at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. If you wish to learn more about this new product, remember to add this article to your bookmarks and check this post out again not long after the launch kicks off. We are going to add our complete review of the product to this very post not long after the product is out.

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