How Effective Is WP Toolkit Smart Links? A Review

The social media is perhaps the best place to draw free traffic from. Billions of people from all over the globe use social media to connect with each other and share content, and it is not hard to find an audience for any offer on any social networking platform. Links are key to getting that precious social media traffic, but for affiliate marketers, simply posting their affiliate links in a social networking site is no easy task. Social media platforms actively block such links, and cloaking techniques are increasingly growing obsolete and inefficient. IM Wealth Builders aim to change that with their latest product WP Toolkit Smart Links.

This new offer is a link protection tool — a next-generation link cloaker, if you may — that is designed to work in WordPress. It has features that stop link-jacking, vendor spoofing, and link scanning by social media sites. It creates natural-looking links that are keyword-rich, relevant to your domain, and social media-friendly. It also adds a pixel to your links that practically lets you retarget on any site, including those where you have little to no control over your links. It also comes with an in-built reporting feature that lets you monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns. This product will be available today, September 23, 2020, at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

We are going to update this piece with a full review of WP Toolkit Smart Links soon after it goes live. Be sure to bookmark this page if you want to check it out and then come back after the launch has gone live.

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