A Full Review of WP Premium Vault

On the 20th of May, this 2019, at around 11:00 EDT, Shelley Penney and Sorin Constantin will be releasing a brand new product called WP Premium Vault. People who want to start earning money online often start out with nothing or close to nothing. When making their first website in WordPress, of course they would choose free options or free themes. Free themes are, well as the name suggests, totally free to use, but free themes also come with great risks. Free themes have a very “stock” feel and you often need technical or coding skills to actually make the best out of them, and updates may either be far and few in between or lacking. This often makes free themes extremely vulnerable to malware and hackers.

Premium themes are expensive ranging from $30 to $300 apiece. However, WP Premium Vault will only cost you $27. What sets WP Premium Vault apart from other premium themes is that it is a package of over 150 premium plug-ins and themes, of which 100 are premium themes and 50 are premium plug-ins. If you doubt the credibility of the themes, they are actually not “run of the mill” themes, but created by well-known developers. These themes have been directly downloaded from their individual manufacturers/developers and are unaltered.

Free themes have a stock feel, cheap to operate, but very hard to actually use to its full potential. Premium themes on the other hand, have a ton of features, are fully furnished, and very easy to use, as some come with drag-and-drop or point-and-click website building. Aside from that, free themes lack updates thus becoming very vulnerable and do not have customer support, while premium themes have frequent updates and have customer support. The money you are paying for premium themes is not only for the theme itself, but also for the frequent security/functionality updates you receive and customer support.

WP Premium Vault allows you to own over 150 premium WordPress plug-ins and themes for the price of only one. We will soon be updating this page with the complete details of the product’s contents as well as the themes and plug-ins that come with it. So if you are interested, make sure to bookmark this page on your browser so you can easily come back here if you wish to know more about the products.

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