Unboxed and Reviewed: Web Agency Box

Anybody involved in local marketing or wants to earn money by selling to local businesses need to know that they have to apply a different strategy when marketing their products. Most of them make use of the conventional TV ads or offline ads, while some are able to get the results they need thru PPC advertising and the rest build video channels or spend thousands monthly just to see their business get into the front pages of results. What they actually need is a website, and Dawn Vu is launching Web Agency Box, a product that you should check out if you want to help out a local business.

Having a website is not enough to just be able to start making money for your business. You need to make sure your website is up to date with current search engine standards. If you want to offer your services though, do you need to have web design skills to come up with a good looking and income generating website? Fortunately, this system that Dawn will launch on May 29, 2020 at 10:00 EDT is all that you need. For $27 to $47 on the front end, you get a package that can get you a high converting agency website, loaded with images to make your website looked like it has been created by a professional.

Dawn also provides you with 6 cold email templates which can help get you clients faster. It also has a prospecting video, 7 newly professionally written articles on web design which you can use, 6 DFY local business websites that also has ready-made content, images and unlimited developers rights. Lastly, you get detailed tutorials which help you start making money immediately.

Surely Dawn’s Web Agency Box promises a lot and we would be interested to find out if it can actually deliver what it has promised. Our comprehensive review of the product will tell you whether or not it does. For now, we recommend that you bookmark this post first. Just make sure that you check back once the product has launched to follow up on our review.

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