A Viper Cache Review

Viper Cache is a plugin that clears and rebuilds a page’s cache so you can save your bandwidth. It is the only one of its kind on the market and it was built by IM Wealth Builders and its partner, Matt Garrett. The product was launched on December 19, 2019 at 11:00 EST with an upfront price of $37 and a 50% commission. Despite only launching a few products, they have become a best-seller within a few days of its launch. Among the most notable tools include Covert Copy Traffic, Covert Action Bar, and Covert Geo Targeter.

One of the things that have made Viper Cache stand out as a tool is that it is a great way to make your WordPress pages load faster. This is always a good feature for a website since it helps boost traffic and leads. The tool is very easy to use since it automatically detects the frequently visited pages on your website and pre-loads them. This way, you get to save on your bandwidth.

Compared to its competition, the tool is up to 77% faster. It has even been known as among the most reliable cache engines being used today. This tool is very simple to use since it does not have too many settings to worry about. It also manages to get a high performance score without toying with the plugins and themes that you have installed. The cache is built on a secure framework, which eliminates the threat of getting hacked.

Remember to bookmark this page to get a more in-depth review of the tool. We are going to secure access to this plugin and give you an update once we’ve finished testing it out for ourselves.

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