VidWrap: Video Marketing Software Reviewed

Video marketing is a great way to advertise your business and to get people to potentially engage with you. However, most people who attempt video marketing often get quickly discouraged by low view counts. This is mainly due to some hidden technicalities both in the platform you have published your video in and with how the human mind works. Unlock the secrets behind successful video marketing on July 15, 2020, once Ricardo Raphael et al’s new VidWrap software launches on that date at around 10:00 EDT.

Once available publicly, you can purchase your own copy of VidWrap for only $37. The software will help you create beautiful and engaging videos with the help of its arsenal of features including a logo maker, thumbnail editor, add text to video, video resize, and many more. It also includes a wrap feature that allows you to create square videos. According to various statistics, square videos are very effective when it comes to engaging with mobile users. One such statistic is from, which revealed that square videos resulted in a 30%-35% increase in viewership and an 80%-100% increase in engagement compared to landscape videos.

Say goodbye to the days where your videos fail to get the viewership and engagement you needed with VidWrap. Start creating high-quality video content for marketing purposes by simply purchasing the software once it launches. If this product piqued your interest, we recommend you bookmark this page on your browser. That way you can easily return after the product launch date to read our full review, discussing each of the product’s individual features.

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