VidPresenters 3D Adds Life to Presentations: A Review

What does an effective presentation look like? For starters, it should be clean and very, well, presentable in the way that it delivers all those facts and hard data. Next is that it should be able to engage its viewers in such a way that it elicits responses when needed, and keeps the eyes of its audience on the board for the entirety of the presentation. Now there are many ways to turn a boring, glorified fact sheet into an attention-grabbing masterpiece, and going 3D is what Dr. Roger Smith has in mind. How so can this be possible, you ask? Doc Roger will answer that question in his latest product VidPresenters 3D.

This brand new product is a package of 3D spokesperson avatars and characters that can instantly add more life to what could otherwise be a boring presentation. This package will include 3D talking heads, 3D cartoon presenters, 3D character templates with animation, actors set on a green screen background, moving backgrounds in full HD, and many other three-dimensional assets. What makes this package unique is the fact that it is not just another animated spokesperson package — you can practically synchronize your voice over with the talking animation of the 3D heads, which is a very interesting touch.

VidPresenters 3D will launch today, October 23, 2020, at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. The price of this upcoming offer is set to begin at $27, and we are publishing a full review of this product on this very post to let you know whether or not this is worth this much. That said, bookmark this page and be around after the launch if you want to read our review.

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