Vidmonial 2.0: Thoroughly Reviewed

At around 10 o’clock EDT on the 18th of July 2019, Ben Murray in partnership with Radu Hahaianu and the Bravinn Animation Studio Team, will be launching a new product called Vidmonial 2.0. People are more likely to buy a product after reading a review. That is not necessarily the case now. Now, customers are less likely to trust a review, with customer review trust going down as much as 37%. A small portion of reviews today are being faked, and that is probably why people are so cautious. What you need is a software that makes customers believe reviews, but how will it do so exactly?

Vidmonial 2.0 will take care of the customer trust issue that has been building up. It contains multiple features that allows you to capture the reviews of your customers that have purchased your product. It allows you to make a customer leave a review and post that review in just 5 simple steps. The 1st step being to give buyers an incentive so they leave a product review. Next, the customer can leave a video review easily via mobile or desktop. After that, you can easily review the testimonial and edit the video with custom CTAs, graphics, music, or text. Then you can easily embed your video review by using the product’s new templates and showcase it to begin increasing conversions. Lastly, you can post this review on the Internet to get free traffic and fresh leads. It also comes with features such as 100% mobile compatibility, Simple Video Wizard Editor, Option to choose Text or Video Review, and so much more.

Once officially out and launched, you can get Vidmonial 2.0 for the front-end cost of only $27. This product is so jam-packed with new useful features that it is impossible to properly list and explain them here in this one review. So, you would have to wait for the next review which explains those features in complete detail, which will be available for reading after the product has launched. In order to read that, simply click the bookmark button on your browser and return on the said date.

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