Honest Product Review: VidKreator Max

Many Internet marketers value the video as a very effective way to communicate their promotions to an online audience, and this is especially true since videos are very engaging and is far easier to digest than other forms of promotional media. Creating videos can be quite a pain, however. With that in mind, Mike McKay and his team are launching a new product that could help Internet marketers create videos with less effort. This product is called VidKreator Max, and we will see its launch go live soon.

Now just how well does this video creation tool simplify the process for both beginners and seasoned vets alike? Well, it basically turns any web page into a video. There are similar tools out there, but this here makes it easier for you to syndicate your vids across multiple social media platforms and translate your vids into any language, thanks to Google Translate integration. It will come with handy tutorial vids as well to help you navigate through the software’s intricacies. 

VidKreator Max is launching on August 12, 2019, which is three short days from the time of this writing. It is set to launch by then at the usual 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, and it will cost $27. Now if you are big on this product and quite hyped about it, we suggest that you bookmark this page and return right after the launch. As soon as the launch has gone live, we are going to be updating this page with a full review of the product on top of the most up-to-date information that we can find. 

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