Software Review: VideoTours360

In the good old days before the pandemic, we used to go to showrooms and stores to check out things that we are looking to buy. That is not entirely possible today without exposing yourself to risks of infection, so many businesses have turned to the Internet to show off their offers. An emergent technology called virtual tours have effectively become a viable alternative to traveling for some time to a commercial establishment, and if you are looking to incorporate it to your own business, Ifiok Nkem has a new product that you would probably be interested in. It is called VideoTours360 and it will be out soon.

This virtual tour software goes beyond simply offering your visitors a nice video tour of your business. It also features live video chat, e-commerce features that let you sell within the video tour, and gamification that further enhances your engagement with your visitors. It can create video tours in mere minutes, which you can then use for your own business or sell to interested clients. You can avail of this software soon for the price of $47.

Ifiok is going to launch VideoTours360 on this date, December 17, 2020. We will be updating this piece with our full review of the product shortly after the launch has gone live this morning at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, so if this offer is of any interest to you, we recommend that you add this page to your bookmarks and come back after the launch begins. Be sure to check back often as well for updates that we are going to add to this post as soon as new information comes up.

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