Video Site Maker Review: How Is It Any Good?

Video sites are big money-making machines. They draw in views, invite traffic, drive traffic to monetized pages, and leave a lot of room for advertisement. That is just a few possibilities that you can do to make money with a website filled with video content, and if that convinces you enough to start your very own video website, then you are in luck. Igor Burban has a new product that might just interest you. It is a site builder software called Video Site Maker, and it practically lets you create your very own video website in a jiffy.

This software is a combination of a WordPress theme and a plugin that will turn this theme into a functioning mobile-responsive site complete with videos curated from a variety of sources. It also lets you upload your own videos and import entire YouTube channels, which makes it very useful for YouTube creatives who are looking to give their videos home outside of YouTube. Furthermore, the plugin also lets you add various monetization schemes to your pages, the likes of which include clickable video elements, banners, video ads, and calls-to-action. Its price will start at $17 and it will gradually go up to $29 during the course of this launch.

The launch of Video Site Maker is scheduled to come live tomorrow, July 10, 2020. The whole thing will begin by then at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Now we understand that you need more information on this product before you decide whether or not it is worth purchasing, so here’s a quick recommendation: bookmark this post and then return right after the launch goes live. Our review of this product will be ready by then, and you will see it published on this very post.

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