Ultralite Backpacking. A Guide To Ultralite Backpacking For Beginners And The Experienced.

Ultralite Backpacking. A Guide To Ultralite Backpacking For Beginners And The Experienced.

  • Planning an ultralite backpacking or an ultralite hiking trip?
  • Want to take all the right gear but still want to go light?
  • Not sure whether to take a tent or a tarp?
  • How can you take a lighter sleeping bag but still stay warm?
  • How do you lighten your backpack by pounds, not ounces?
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These are just a few of the questions that might be on your mind if you are trying to plan an ultralite backpacking trip. Backpacking has become a very popular pastime; ultralite backpacking has become something of an art. Just trying to keep your pack weight down can be very frustrating (unless you know how!).

For instance would you be happy to cut the weight of your sleeping bag by 2 pound but still stay warm and comfortable? Would you like to reduce the weight of your backpacking stove to just half a pound? If you are going ultralite backpacking you do not want to lug around a backpack that weighs 7 pound when it is empty, when you could be carrying one that only weighs a mere 1 pound.

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Ultralite Backpacking Techniques is written by an author who spent 7 months backpacking through 17 countries in Europe, so I guess that he should know what he is talking about when it comes to ultralite backpacking. He will teach you to think in ounces and not in pounds when it comes to making your ultralite backpacking gear list. He will show you how you can reduce your backpack weight by up to 13 and a half pounds, just by using simple alternatives to heavy equipment.



Backpack             7 lb                                 1 lb                                6 lb

Sleeping Bag       4 lb                                  2 lb                               2 lb

Tent/ Tarp           5 lb                                  1 lb                                4 lb

Stove                   2 lb                                ½  lb                           1 ½  lb

Using these simple techniques allows you to travel much lighter, allowing you to travel easier and further each day, or just to hike in a more leisurely fashion. Cutting the weight of your backpacking gear allows you to carry extra backpacking supplies in the form of food and water, which allows you to extend your route before needing to re-stock.

All these tips and information plus lots lots more, and all at such an unbelievable introductory price that the author is practically giving it away. If you want the real gems on ultralite backpacking then this is what you have been waiting for.


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