Software Review in Progress: Trafficize

Talk about generating traffic is abundant in any discussion involving Internet marketing. As we all know, generating traffic to a landing page is essentially akin to drawing passers-by to your storefront display. The goal is to get them to see what you have on offer and, well, make the decision to buy something from you. In essence, web traffic is what brings money into your online business, and you will want to generate as much traffic as your site can handle. This is no impossible feat as there are so many tools that can help you out in this regard. One that caught our attention lately is Trafficize, the latest offer from Richard Fairbairn.

This product is a $27 cloud-based traffic link and bio page platform that drives free buyer traffic from Instagram and Tiktok. It addresses the impossibility of publishing multiple links in the aforementioned apps, allowing you to practically create an unlimited amount of backlinks in these platforms. This essentially turns Instagram and Tiktok into massive sources of free traffic without you going through the hassle of changing your bio whenever you have a new URL to promote.

Trafficize is launching on Wednesday, November 4, 2020, and its launch is slated to begin on that date at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. We will be updating this post by then to bring you the latest news on this launch and a full review of this brand new product, so if you find yourself wanting to know more about this new product, bookmark this page and be sure to return soon after the launch has started.

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