Review: The Hive Is Worth Your Money and Here’s Why

Many decades after its conception, the email remained a common way to communicate across the vast reaches of the Internet. It is often considered a formal way of communication as opposed to instant messaging where conversations can easily turn casual and random. It is not really strange, then, that marketers make use of email to reach out to potential customers or other businesses that they can work with. Marketing via email, however, can be pretty tricky; you will need to have a specific audience to target, build a list out of that information, and create an email sequence that embodies your email marketing strategy. The last one is the hardest part, but JayKay Dowdall promises to make it easier for you with his latest product The Hive.

This product is the result of JayKay’s research and experiments that practically unraveled the secrets of six email marketing gurus. It will provide you with in-depth analyses of 24 sales emails created by veteran email marketers Aaron Fletcher, Amy Porterfield, Anik Singal, Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, and Ray Edwards, as well as several email samples from these experts. Each email sample comes with a video breakdown, an annotated copy, and an editable copy. To top it all off, the product package will come with a list building training. All of these will be available later today, August 19, 2020, at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, for the price of $13.

Soon after JayKay launches The Hive, we are going to update this article with a full, comprehensive review. Now, this sure is an interesting product and if you would like to check out our review first before you buy it, be sure to bookmark this post and remember to check back right after the product’s launch has come live.

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