A Complete Review of Kyle Graham’s Ten Minute Pages

The site building software Ten Minute Pages will be the latest product launch of Internet entrepreneur and programmer of viral software Kyle Graham. This product has already been pre-launched this 21st of May and will be released to the general public over a month from now, specifically on the 2nd of July 2013.

Ten Minute Pages is an easy to use drag-and-drop website builder designed specifically for Internet marketers. Building a site through this program is very easy, as it merely works on a point-click-drag-and-drop operation. The software has presets that are all intended for marketing websites, making it easy for Internet marketers to set up webpages that actually generate results in ten minutes or less.

It’s quite simple to see how easy to operate this product is. Its interface for one is very simple and comprises of a toolbar with very familiar buttons, making it friendly to newbies and even more so to those experienced in creating web pages with this type of software.

Another good thing about Pages is that it has been around for nine years now and has sold thousands of copies to the niche of Internet marketers. It will only be launched so as to be introduced to the general public in its current iteration. We are yet to judge how good its latest version is, and won’t be able to say much besides what we already know at the moment.

We will review this product soon after it is launched in July 2. We will see how better has this product gotten since its last version, or how far has it fallen from its established standards. If you’re a fan of Pages in the past or are merely interested in it, bookmark this site and come back some time in the future for product updates or on the 2nd of July or later for our in-depth review.


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