Tagget: A Full Software Review

If you are having a hard time gathering leads, then an upcoming product from Misan Morrison and Joshua Johnson should interest you. It is a comprehensive lead capture and conversion platform, and it helps you take advantage of more than one avenue to gather your leads. Their latest product is called Tagget and its launch is happening soon.

This brand new product is a five-in-one marketing platform, and it is going to be launched on this date, December 9, 2020. What it does is that it lets you capture leads, engage your prospects, and then interact with them as you work your way into turning them into buyers. It takes advantage of various automated funnels, including phone call funnels, SMS funnels, email funnels, video story funnels, and an interactive voice response system. The platform will come with a free A. I. phone number for that matter, a response sequence feature to follow up on your leads, a mass auto-dialer, text-to-speech transcription, and many other useful features. It will come with full agency rights for this launch only, and it will be available for $47.

We will see the launch of Tagget start today at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, and we will be sure to add a full review of the product to this post by then. That said, if you are interested in this brand new offer and want to know more about it, we highly recommend that you add this post to your bookmarks and just return for our review once the offer has gone live.

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