Symphoni: Brief Review

On the 15th of July 2019, at approximately 10:00 EDT, JayKay Dowdall will be launching his new product called Symphoni. Tapping into a new source of traffic that is unused or unheard of is like gaining a new set of powers. To be the first one to actually use that traffic source means that all the traffic is headed towards your offer or site without any competition. Well, in reality, the chances of finding an untapped traffic source is close to nil. However, gaining traffic from a source that is not necessarily unheard of but barely used is another great way to gain easy traffic.

Symphoni, once officially out, can be purchased for the very cheap front-end price of $15. It is a beginner focused traffic training that tackles how to get easy and cheap traffic from Spotify advertising. When I say cheap, I do mean literally cheap, as Spotify allows you to reach your audience for as little as just $2 per day. The product covers essential topics such as how to get started with Spotify traffic without spending a large budget as well as without spending absurdly long amounts of time in researching audiences and creating ads.

This product contains everything you will need to get you up and running in no time through the use of Spotify ads. Symphoni has over 17 videos of newbie friendly training, 3 hours of tutorials and traffic lessons, relatively untapped traffic source, action-based training focused to get you started immediately and take action, 3 huge ways to monetize this underused traffic source, and complete white-hat training.

Symphoni uncovers the secrets of Spotify as a traffic source and explains them in proper and complete detail. With this product, you are not even required to have a list or existing assets to get started. Stay tuned for updates which will usually be posted shortly after the product’s launch date has passed. To read said update, we recommend you to save this page on your browser. That way you can easily return to this site during said date.

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