Amify Marketing’s Swift Response Autoresponder: A Brief Review

On April 15, 2019, at around 11:00 EDT, a new piece of game-changing software will be released. Have you ever wanted to automate emails for your audience? Well, there are quite a bit of software options to choose from, but what if your list is diverse and each had their own separate niche? There a lot of factors contributing to the difficulty of such a task that it would be impossible to list all of those here. However, with Amify Marketing’s new creation called Swift Response Autoresponder, automation of such a tedious and large task will become possible.

Swift Response Autoresponder has all the features basic autoresponders have. It can get your word out with automated emails, but it has a lot more up its sleeve. This product can also segment your list into their different niches. Aside from that, it can also automatically create an email for your list when an event occurs by creating triggers. It can also optimize your campaigns by monitoring events, open rate, country, etc.

The software itself can handle 750+ subscribers and has no campaign and automation limit. This product can also send unlimited emails and has no monthly fees. The interface is super responsive and is simply plug-and-play. Also, you don’t need any servers when using this product. You could get your hands on this autoresponder for only $50.

Swift Response Autoresponder is an amazing product in itself, capable of doing more than what a standard autoresponder can. We are looking forward to this launch and if this product also happened to pique your interest, then we encourage you to hit that bookmark button on your browser. By saving this page you can later return shortly after the product has gone live, as we will be updating this post with our full review.

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