Dan Ashendorf’s SweetSpot: Reviewed

On the 5th of July this 2019, at exactly 11 o’clock in Eastern Daylight Time, Dan Ashendorf will be releasing a brand-new breakthrough product called SweetSpot. Still images are obsolete in the current marketing scene. Sure, it does have some kind of visual impact, but it is very little, and they barely make an impact to a viewer’s eye. Interactive images on the other hand literally scream “interact with me” to the viewers, which makes them interesting. Imagine that you can do that to your images in your blog, with links that send people over to your affiliate store to. How much would it cost?

Monetizing still images with interactive spots can cost up to a whopping $10 000. Do not get discouraged by this, because this exactly is the problem that SweetSpot aims to solve. It allows you to actually make interactive images that piques a user’s curiosity, which usually ends in a sale. It is a plug-in software that has a bunch of features such as clickable images, shoppable content, sweet spot editor, color customization, size customization, 77 animation styles, product information editor, info window color customization, background color customization, training, background image customization, buy button editor, syndication (through a buffer), integration with Pixabay, and the ability to take buyers to any link. What more can you ask from this amazing software that has everything you need to monetize your still images and turn them into something interesting? If the price worries you, well let me tell you – you should not be. This product costs only $27, which is very far from the previous $10 000 offer mentioned above.

SweetSpot is the ultimate tool for bloggers or affiliates who want to monetize their content and raise sales. It does not require you to have any technical skills or knowledge in order to operate as this was designed with a newbie in mind. How likely will you get this product? If your answer is very likely, then it shows that you are also interested in this product. If that is the case, we recommend you to save this page by hitting the bookmark button on your browser. We will keep you up to date with more information and details about the product, which will be available to read shortly after the product has launched.

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