Storytelling Video Fortune Vol.2: Short Review

Local businesses need help in order to properly market their business, products, or services. These local businesses spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on consultants and marketers alone just to get word out about their business and to pull in customers. Some of these businesses need video marketing as a method to properly advertise themselves, but they have no idea how to make engaging videos. You could potentially help these businesses by getting Dawn Vu’s new product called Storytelling Video Fortune Vol.2., which is tailored specifically for these kinds of businesses.

Storytelling Video Fortune Vol.2 is set to hit digital market shelves on the 22nd of July 2019, at exactly 10 o’clock in Eastern Daylight Time. Once out, you can easily get this product by purchasing it for only $17. The product contains professional storytelling videos that can build trust between the viewer and the business as well as grow brand awareness and generate leads for local businesses. The product features videos for 10 kinds of local businesses namely: Pediatric Dentist, Massage Center, Physical Therapist, Pest Control, Insurance Agency, Painting Contractor, Electrician, DUI Attorney, Carpet Cleaner, and Bookkeeper. The product contains 10 professionally-created storytelling videos for local businesses in 10 different niches which are easily editable in PowerPoint with US voiceover included, Video Service Landing Page, 10 video marketing service promotion videos customized for 10 niches, as well as tutorials.

Storytelling Video Fortune Vol.2 allows you to not only help these local businesses grow and prosper, but also gain profit in the process without much effort in your end. If you want to know more about this product regarding updates about its specific contents, we recommend you to bookmark this page. We will be posting a more comprehensive review about this product in the future, which will be available for public reading shortly after the product has launched.

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