Spyly: Full Review

If we are to update an old adage from the Art of War for the Internet marketing world, we can say it something like, “Know your audience and know yourself, and you need not fear the result of a thousand marketing campaigns.” Indeed, knowing just how your audience behaves and deducing how you should react to the way they interact with your site is a key step in making better conversions and giving your profits a boost. Now there are plenty of tools that could be of help to you in this regard, and one that got our attention recently is Laic’s latest product Spyly.

This new product is a software as a service (SaaS) that practically lets any webmaster view, record, and analyze in real time what the product creators describe as “heat maps” or areas of intense site visitor activity. It will also show you the exact movement of your visitors, and provide you with the most accurate statistics relevant to this information. This software will be available for $49 per month, and you can also avail of it for $69 a year.

Spyly is slated to be launched today, December 10, 2019. We are going to see this product go live this morning 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. If you want to learn more about this new product, do be sure to bookmark this page and return soon after the product has gone live. Right after the product is out, we will update this page with a full review.

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