Full Review: Spyly

Internet marketing campaigns have to be fluid if they have to be effective; that is, these campaigns ought to adjust to the ever-changing needs and behavior of their target demographic, and it certainly would help if you can see just how your audience responds to your efforts. James Panghebeko and Jordan Laic (A. Laic) are offering a product that will help you visualize the behavior of your site’s visitors and translate it to actions that will benefit your campaign. Their upcoming product is called Spyly, and it will be out soon.

This new product is a SaaS (software as a service) that basically tracks the activity of the visitors coming to your site in real time. The software records these activities in heat maps and provides you with a detailed analysis. A monthly subscription to this SaaS will cost $47 on the first day of this launch, and this price will go up after then. That’s all that we know about this offer so far and we do hope to learn more about it as we approach its launch.

Spyly will see launch five days from the time of this writing, the date for which is November 13, 2019. This launch is scheduled to go live by then at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Now we’re a long way off from the launch, but we will see to it that this post gets updated with new info as soon as they come up, and we are also adding a full review of the product to this post not long after the launch is up. If you are looking forward to this release, then, and would like to know more about it before buying, just bookmark this page and come back to this post soon after the product launches.

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