Review: You Shouldn’t Miss Out on SPOTmify

People tend to gravitate towards the popular, or at least what makes the most buzz within their social circles. Many marketers leverage this phenomenon through social proof. For the uninitiated, social proof in digital marketing is basically a piece of evidence that validates your marketing effort. Often, it comes in the form of testimonies from previous buyers — ordinary people that your potential customers can relate to. Now if you are looking to leverage social proof for your own affiliate marketing business, Richard Darris is launching a product that you might just like. It will be out today, October 19, 2020, and it is called SPOTmify.

This new product is a tool that promises to help increase your conversions, opt-ins, and sales through the use of social proof. It can be used with practically any site, be it blogs like Blogspot and WordPress, PhpBB forums, and many others. What makes it unique is that it uses the concept of FOMO or fear of missing out, which is reflected in how it shows your visitors the most recent sign-ups and sales. You can now put the power of this tool on your hands for the price of $47.

Now SPOTmify is going to launch today starting at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, which is not a lot of wait from the time of this writing. As is customary, we are going to update this article with a full review of this product, so if you like this new offer, we recommend that you check it out. Feel free to bookmark this post as well and come back not just for our review but also for updates on this launch.

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