Software Firesale: Full Review

Eric Holmlund and Ian Del Carmen has teamed up to launch yet another PLR blockbuster. Not long from now, they will be offering some of their most popular software, and this upcoming launch is aptly called Software Firesale

In this firesale, you will be able to avail of 12 of Eric and Ian’s best selling PLR offers. The products that will be included in this sale includes ADShake, Blurb+, ClickMoney, CodeSUMO, Contentri, Exitio, Headline Studio, HelpDroid, ListX, rFunnel, Script ZEND, and TrialX. We have covered some of these products in the past and gave them positive impressions, which speaks much about the quality of Eric Holmlund and Ian Del Carmen releases. That’s not to mention that these software products belong in really hot niches; you can benefit from them yourself, or you can sell them for the full price and keep all of the profit. Each of the software included in this bargain bundle normally costs $9 or so, but for this early Christmas sale, all of these can be yours for $37 at the beginning of this launch or $47 if you wait a bit until the very end.

The Software Firesale will launch on this day, December 11, 2018. This fire sale will go live this morning at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. If you are interested in this offer and are in the look out for new information before you avail of the products on sale, we encourage you to bookmark this page and return shortly after the fire sale’s launch. By then, we will update this page with more information on this offer as well as a complete, comprehensive review.

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