Social Video Ads: A Brief Review

Videos make for a very interesting medium to market pretty much anything online; this is especially true in social media platforms. In particular, videos can be practically incorporated to good effect in any Facebook marketing campaign. Indeed, Cham Altatis has a new product that makes this more than merely possible. This new offer is called as soon as they come up, and we are going to see it launch really soon.

This product is a complete training that will show you how to run an effective Facebook video advertising campaign. This training will not be the only thing that you will be receiving upon purchase of this product, however, as the package will also include the proven ad retargeting app AdPoint, all for the price of $47, or $27 if you want to purchase this product early in the launch. FB video marketing and social retargeting is known to work together really well, and we sure are hoping that this product delivers.

Cham will launch Social Video Ads next week, August 27, 2019, at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. We expect to know more about this brand new product as soon as it is out. We will surely keep you posted on new info on this launch right on this post as soon as they come up. If you are interested in this product, then, be sure to return to check out this post from time to time, and also return shortly after the product launches; we will add a full review of the product to this post shortly after this launch has gone up and running.

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