SMARTVIDEO Evolution: A Full Review of a Revolutionary Video Software

If we are to rank all the visual mediums used in digital marketing in order of effectiveness, the video would certainly sit on top of the hierarchy. We are, for certain, no stranger to the fact that videos can not only entertain, amuse, educate, or satisfy our curiosities to name but a few of what it can do. Videos can also be used as a vehicle for traffic generation, and often are found in the centerpiece of many marketing campaigns. It also helps that the ability to create videos has become achievable to many of us, thanks to various tools available online. Now if you want to take video creation one level higher, check out this new product from Simon Warner called SMARTVIDEO Evolution.

This new product — which, by the way, will launch today, November 13, 2020 — is a video creation software that heavily features smart personalization. Thanks to its text-to-speech feature, this personalization can be expressed through voiced dialog, which is projected to help you engage your customers more effectively. The tool comes with 49 text-to-speech voice options in 29 languages, which is quite a lot and this alone might be enough to justify the product’s $197 price tag.

SMARTVIDEO Evolution will be seeing launch this morning at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. We will keep you posted on updates on this launch right on this very post, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back some time later for our updates. We also encourage you to drop by not long after the launch of this new offer has come to a start, as we will be updating this post soon with our full review that will help you come up with an educated decision as to whether or not this product is just worth the purchase.

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