A Thorough Review of the SliderZon 2.0 Plugin

Enterprising Internet marketer Rylan Clayne and his team will be releasing their latest product roughly a whole month from now. This product is an Amazon plugin called the SliderZon 2.0, which is basically a recent iteration of the plugin of the same name. It will be launched on June 26, 2013, at 11:00 AM EDT.

The previous version of this Amazon plugin is designed to generate high conversions, make quick site monetizations, skirt the recent consumer ad blindness, and overall result in an attention-catching Amazon site that will “force” you to make money. We can imagine that the SliderZon 2.0 is more or less like its predecessor, save for significant updates that make it deserving of the 2.0 label.

There isn’t any real information about the changes the developer has done with this plugin, but we expect such information to pop out some time before the product’s launch. We will keep our eyes open so as to be able to update this post immediately after new information was made available.

Nevertheless, how much has this product improved from its previous version? How good are the upgrades? How effective is the product in delivering on its promise? We’ll answer these questions and more in the coming 26th of June.

By then, we will be trying out this product and then put up a comprehensive review on this post to guide you on the product before you ever decide to make a purchase. If you are looking forward to this review and are interested in the product, bookmark this page and come back often in the future for more information.


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