A Quick Review of Silver’s Package

Do you want to get your hands on premium marketing tools but just can’t afford to buy them? Well now you certainly can, and for quite a bargain. For only $29 you can get your hands on Tim Houston’s new product – Silver’s Package.

Silver’s Package is a package that contains thousands of dollars’ worth of premium marketing tools like Benson, iStack, Ezra, AdSkills, and more. Not only do you pay such a small price for these products, your money goes to helping Silver Stolsten fight colon cancer.

Cancer is no laughing matter. By definition, cancer is a result of an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a certain part of the body (although in some cases it may spread). There are millions of people around the world currently fighting for their lives, just to live for an extra few years or even months, and Silver is one of them. You can make a difference by purchasing Silver’s Package, as one hundred percent of the proceeds go to helping Silver Stolsten and his family.

Silver’s Package will be out on April 4, 2019. The product is going to come live at said date at 12:00 EDT. If you are interested, do consider to save this page and return shortly after the product has launched. By then we expect to know more about this product and will be updating this page with our full review. Remember, that every single one of you buying this product can make a huge difference in Silver’s life.

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