Brendan Mace’s Shotoku System: Do Simplified Online Methods Really Work?

Shotoku System, Brendan Mace’s brand-new training course, will soon officially launch on July 3, 2020, at around 9:00 EDT. Setting up a business from scratch can be tricky for beginners who have no idea where or how to start. Usually, most guides and training courses try to force down as much information as possible, talking about funnels, chatbots, outsourcing, etc. However, those kinds of guides are overly complicated, and trying to learn from those can be very difficult. Building a business from the ground-up is actually very simple, and Shotoku System will show you exactly how.

Shotoku System will teach you the value of having multiple assets and how to gain passive income without overcomplicating things. In addition, it comes with 50+ “done-for-you” assets, one-click monetization for your assets, and 20 “done-for-you” Shotoku traffic taps. With this system, you can easily create and monetize a campaign in under five minutes. Plus, you are not limited to a certain number of campaigns, meaning you can simultaneously set up as many campaigns as you like. The software system also comes with a full asset catalog and an ability to import unlimited assets.

If you were to start from scratch and follow the exact Shotoku System, you could potentially spend around tens of thousands of dollars – a hefty sum even if you are willing to do it. Fortunately, Brendan Mace offers the full Shotoku System for only $18 with no monthly fees. Grab this opportunity and easily set-up an online business with this system. If you are interested, we recommend you save this page in your browser. We will soon be updating this article with a much more comprehensive review tackling the specifics of the system, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

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