Review: Is Sendiio 2.0 a Good Deal?

With so many leads to track and send emails to, any way to reduce the workload in an email marketing campaign is always welcome. This is where automation comes in, and the most commonly employed tool in that regard is the autoresponder. Autoresponders practically do all the follow-up work for you and sends emails according to your prospect’s responses, and Joshua Zamora has one that you might find yourself interested in. It will launch soon, and it is called Sendiio 2.0.

Joshua’s latest product is an autoresponder tool that practically harnesses the power of email, SMS messaging, and Facebook Messenger for your email marketing campaign. The tool combines all of these in a single dashboard, making it the very first autoresponder to do so. It lets you create an unlimited number of email marketing campaigns, SMS campaigns, and instant messaging campaigns via Messenger. Its other features include automated tagging, SMS text bot, link swapper, double opt-ins, integrations, and a whole lot more. This new product is going to be available soon, and on its launch, it can be yours for the price that starts at $27 and is set to go up to $37.

The launch of Sendiio 2.0 is going to come live tomorrow, February 20, 2020. We are going to see this launch come online on that date at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. If you are looking forward to this launch and want to know more about the product before making your purchase, just bookmark this page and visit again after the launch has gone live.

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