Is Reviewify360 Worth it?

According to statistics, 95% of customers read a review before making a purchase. This is probably because customers want to feel secure, that the product they are going to buy is actually as good as how the advertises claim them. Some online marketers put actual reviews on their site to boost their credibility and their traffic, which means more profit for them. What about your website? Getting people to post actual reviews on your site will cost a hefty sum of money. However, a few days from now, on the 16th of April, 2019 at around 11:00 EDT, a new piece of software will launch. This product, called Reviewify360 created by Han Fan, Christian, Adrian, and Harpreet Kaur, will change your website forever.

Most customers trust and rely on other customer’s reviews before purchasing a product. In today’s marketing era, reviews are the deciding factor whether or not someone would trust your site r buy your product. Thankfully, Reviewify360 allows you to scan, extract, and display unlimited customer reviews from the top 4 major review platforms: Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Foursquare. The product features the ability to generate and insert unlimited customer reviews in your site as well as full customizability of the look and feel of the review cards you have made.

Reviewify360 boosts authority and SEO for your online or offline business. It also increases your overall conversions and sales in any niche, as the product performs well in almost every niche. This software can also be easily integrated into your site, with no technical skills needed.

If are excited to start getting more traffic and build more authority for your site, you can get your hands on Reviewify360 for only $27. If you ask us if it is worth it, yes it definitely is. $27 for all those features is actually quite a steal already. If this product happens to pique your interest, then we highly recommend you to bookmark this page and return after the product has gone live, as we will be updating this page with our full review shortly after it has launched.

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