Real Estate Video Mix 2.0: Detailed Review

WhiteboardVideoBox is back at it again with another release called Real Estate Video Mix 2.0. Real estate agents know that the best way to grow their business and increase their client base is through video marketing. However, these guys have either no time or no skill in making videos, which severely hampers their effectiveness as a real estate agent. That is why they spend a lot of money on people who make videos for them. Get ready to earn a lot of money by selling videos to real estate agents real soon as this product will soon launch on June 11, 2019, at approximately 10’o clock EDT.

Real Estate Video Mix 2.0 contains a package of done-for-you videos that you can easily sell to real estate agents. The videos are either 3D avatar videos or whiteboard animation and will come in both MP4 and PPTX formats. All you have to do is to simply edit the lower-thirds of the video with your client’s logo, business name, number, and website. If you are worried about the “editing” part, you do not need any skills at all or even expensive software, as you can edit it easily in PowerPoint. Basically, all you have to do is just get a client, and sell the video. Plus, the product comes with a very cheap price of just $14, a minor investment considering how much you will be making real soon.

Step up your video-marketing game with Real Estate Video Mix 2.0 without the stresses of making your own videos or editing templates in expensive and complex software. If this product intrigues you in the same way it intrigues us, then bookmark this page on your browser. Be sure to return here shortly after the product has officially been released as we will be updating this post with more details regarding the product.

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