A Review of Real Estate Video MIX 1.0

Real estate is one of the most profitable offline niche out there, which any sane online marketer ought to take advantage of. Now how else can you pitch your services to real estate agents other than offering to make them sales videos? A videos sure is a great way to communicate with one’s audience, and if you are looking to make money from the real estate niche through appropriately themed videos, you might want to check out Real Estate Video MIX 1.0, an upcoming product from ProVideoBox called Real Estate Video MIX 1.0.

This product is a package of 15 videos designed specifically for real estate agents. The videos will come in whiteboard and 3D avatar presentation styles. These can be easily edited with PowerPoint, which makes it convenient to folks who can’t afford or use fancy editing software like Camtasia, Vegas Pro, and Adobe Premiere. For this launch, this product will be available for $17.

The world will see the launch of Real Estate Video MIX 1.0 on August 6, 2019, and the whole thing will go live in the morning of that date at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. It will be quite some time until we see this product go live, and we do expect to know more about it as we await its launch. We will update this post with everything that we learn about this product by the time it goes live as well as a full review right after its release. If this product interests you, then, just bookmark this page and return soon after the launch.

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