Rank Reel: A Quick Review

Some online marketers out there might say that video marketing is dead in 2019; however it is the exact opposite. Video marketing is actually more profitable and easier than ever. You might ask, “If it truly is easy and profitable, then why don’t many people do it?” Most people are still stuck in the past, with their so called “one-click” SEO ranker tools and blackhat methods, which are quite risky and may result in the doer getting penalized. Those offers sound really good, but they are dangerous for your business. The truth is it is better, faster, and easier to rank high faster with whitehat methods, or by playing by the rules. Say hello to Rank Reel, a brand new whitehat video ranking SEO tool created by Ben Murray and Abhi Dwivedi.

Rank Reel is an all-in-one cloud app that puts your videos safely on top without requiring any SEO knowledge. It just takes a few clicks to uncover tags, keywords, and the type of content you need to dominate for you or your client’s local niche. After that, a few more clicks and your video is automatically optimized by the software.

This software contains 5 different modules, each with their own purpose. Module 1, called Keyword SEO, helps you find broad ideas of what to rank for relating to whatever keyword you put in. The 2nd module helps you analyse your Google and YouTube competition, allowing you to know how difficult it will be to outrank your competitors. The 3rd Module allows you to use your competitors’ keywords for your videos to rank high, and it also features a 1-click powerful title and description generator for your video. Module 4 contains Whitehat backlinking, and module 5 allows you to reach out to the biggest influencers in your region to offer them an incentive to share your video, giving it more views for higher ranking.

Rank Reel also has a commercial license, meaning you can use this software to charge a fee for ranking a video, or sell analysis reports to clients. You can get your hands on this product and all of its features mentioned above for only $29. We will soon be updating this post with more information regarding the product shortly after its release, so do not forget to bookmark this page if you are interested so you can come back soon.

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