A Complete, Unabridged Review of Quotely

Creating viral content does not have to be a mind-boggling puzzle. You only need to understand what your audience is interested in and what makes them tick, and you will have to translate it into social media content that is easy to digest and share around. One very popular format is the quote image. Such can be motivational, funny, or simply something that some people can relate to, and they easily get enough social media activity to go viral. Now if you are looking to communicate with your audience and get that much-needed attention to your business at the same time, quotes are the way to go and you can easily create them with this new product from Deni Iskandar called Quotely.

This product is a package of over 400 done-for-you quote images that feature eye-catching designs matched with relatable quotes that are guaranteed to go viral really quickly. The quotes include motivational statements, inspiring phrases, and verbatim quotes from famous people, all of which feature good-looking typography and varying backgrounds. The static files come in .jpg format, and each will come with an editable .pptx version. This package normally costs $27, but for this launch, it can be yours for $19.

Deni scheduled the launch of Quotely to go live today, March 26, 2020. It will be online this morning at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Now we are going to update this page with a complete review of this software after the launch has started, so if you want to know more about it before you decide whether or not it is worth purchasing, be sure to bookmark this post and remember to come back by then for our full review.

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