Scam or Not: Quick Cash Loophole

On the 5th of June 2013, online entrepreneur Rob Benwell and company will be launching their latest product. This will be called the Quick Cash Loophole, and it’s unfortunate that no information about the product has been released as yet.

We’re quite aware about Benwell’s spotty online reputation though, and we’re quite afraid that this product won’t deliver much of what it will be promising. However, we’ll be giving this one the benefit of the doubt and will try it out as soon as it is launched so we can bring you a complete review, which would either be a recommendation or a warning to stay away from this product.

Now while we are waiting for this product to launch, we will be on the lookout for new information about the Quick Cash Loophole. We will update this post as frequently as the vendors release new info, so if you’re interested, bookmark this site and keep coming back in the near future.


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