Here’s Our Take On Purx

Almost everyone at one point in their lives has dreamt to earn money without doing anything at all. Although this is a possibility in real life, getting to this specific point is not easy. Everybody has to go through a very difficult process to achieve this goal. One of the ways to earn truly passive income is through the internet, but it is no cakewalk either. However, there might just be a way to help you achieve true passive income the easy way with Amit Gaikwad and his partners Anirudh Baavra and Prabhat Singh’s Purx, launching on August 10, 2020.

One of the best ways to earn truly passive income is to set up an information site filled with your affiliate offers. Unfortunately, it can be agreed that having to constantly come up with new content and updating your site is very tiresome. Purx, an SAAS product, solves this problem by providing a way to automate content creation. It is an RSS feed content site builder with an automated blogging system that allows you to easily create a site and have it automatically update it with content. Plus, it is very user-friendly and can create responsive, customizable, and self-updating viral content sites for any niche. It has many other features that makes it a viable option for automated online revenue such as RTL support, viral traffic engine, text spinner support, custom RSS support, custom posts, custom engagement, automated social media sharing, passive commissions, and so much more. You get everything mentioned here for the amazingly low price of only $18.

If it is your dream to achieve passive income, then do not let this opportunity slip and grab access to Purx. This is the newbie-friendly feature-packed SAAS product that you have been waiting for. A more updated article filled with the latest information about the product will soon be available for reading. To gain access, simply bookmark this page on your browser and revisit the site after the official product launch.

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