ProfitMeet Review: So Good It Can’t Be Any Better

Are you looking to launch your very own webinar but find hosting and setting things up a little too arduous and expensive? Well, Calin Ioan, Mike McKay, and Radu Hahaianu have a new product that you will certainly change the way you look at hosting webinars. It is scheduled to launch really soon, and it is called ProfitMeet.

Launching today, October 16, 2020, this new product is touted as a “Zoom killer,” and indeed, it has all the features that make it a one-stop webinar solution. It comes with a powerful, dedicated dashboard with features and functionality that surpass that of Skype and Zoom. It also features one-click instant meetings, custom domains for meetings, meet scheduling, screen sharing, session recording, and accommodation of an unlimited number of attendees. That the platform hosts your webinar on high-speed servers is also worth mentioning, and this promises virtually zero lags in every meeting. For all of these features, this product will only cost a one-time price of $22, and it will be packaged with video tutorials and commercial rights to top it all off.

Mike and his team has scheduled the launch of ProfitMeet to begin today at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Save for all of these bits and pieces of information, we do not know much else about this product at the moment. We should be able to learn more about it after it goes live, however, and we surely will update this post with a full review of this offer not long after then. If you want to check it out, be sure to stick around or simply bookmark this page and return after our review has been published.

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