Is Profit Crush Money Well Spent? A Full Review

If you are having a hard time converting all of your site’s traffic into leads, then you really need to set up a funnel to do the work for you. There are so many tools out there that can help you out in this, and the latest to crop up is a new product from Kenny Tan. It is called Profit Crush and it will be available for a price that starts at $13.

Now what we have here is a funnel building software that creates not just mere funnels. It basically builds funnels that are designed to go viral and is optimized for sharing and maximum social media activity. Its mechanisms are based on proven viral marketing strategies, many of which are neatly incorporated into the software. As it is designed to build viral funnels, this product is best used not just to generate traffic and engagement but also for list building purposes. You only need to configure the software to your campaign’s specifications, connect with your preferred autoresponder, and let the product do the rest for you.

Are you eager to start making a killing with Profit Crush? Well, Kenny will launch this post very soon, and this product will be out today, October 26, 2020. Hold your horses for the meantime, though, as the launch will officially begin at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Long-time readers of this blog should know that we tend to update our product feature articles with a review after the featured product’s launch, and this one is not going to be any different. If our review interests you, bookmark this page and return after the launch has started.

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