Potty Training Your Cat, And Understanding Cat Behaviors

It’s funny how many dog-training guides there are available, all the information you could ever want, on how to teach your dog tricks. But what if you’re looking for a guide for potty training your cat? Or if you’re after something just to help you understand cat behaviors?

Why aren’t there more books on training cats? After all they are just as popular as dogs (if not more so) and they are just as intelligent and capable of being trained. Well after hours and hours of searching I think that I have come up with a winner.COMPLETE CAT TRAINING GUIDE!



What I found really useful was the books total coverage of all aspects of cat ownership, in real detail. As well as teaching you how to train your cat to do tricks, like

-Stay and sit

-Come on command

-Play dead

-Open cupboards


You also get information on how to fix virtually any cat problem. Over twenty-five cat behavior problems are covered, (from urine-marking, to nocturnal disturbances to aggression, and you get a real-life case study for each problem.


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You learn about your cat’s body language and vocals, and how to use that knowledge to understand what they are thinking and how to communicate with them; plus chapters and chapters of general knowledge on things like choosing the right cat for you; understanding cat behaviors both “good” and “bad”; how to help your cat adapt to your lifestyle and home; how to potty-train your cat; and two whole sections on cat health and nutrition, all of which goes a long way towards deepening and strengthening your relationship with your cat.

Other Benefits

I sometimes find it hard to understand written instructions. It can be kind of confusing, especially when you’re also trying to control a wriggling, energetic cat. That’s why the clear step-by-step photographs and illustrations came in so handy with the training strategies: I actually understood exactly how to position myself and make the most of my body language during the training. It made the whole process a lot easier – and a whole lot faster!

Also with the COMPLETE CAT TRAINING GUIDE! you will get Two free bonus books: “The Essential Cat Recipe Book”, which shows you how to prepare tasty, healthy meals and treats for your beloved kitty; and “The Ultimate Guide to Pampering Your Cat”, which shows you how to develop a real bond of affection with your cat through improving his quality of life.

- A free, private email consultation (worth $120) with a team of real live cat trainers. Any problems that you have, any queries whatsoever, and all you have to do is send an email – you’ll get a detailed, personal reply from a team of seasoned cat trainers, to make sure any problems are truly resolved to your satisfaction. Not bad.

In a Nutshell

Two words: highly recommended. You really can’t go wrong here; not only is the whole thing jam-packed with practical advice and hands-on tips, but the price is extremely reasonable: just $37 for the book, the consultation, and the bonus books … oh yeah, and there’s a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee for 60 whole days after making the purchase.

All in all, I have no qualms whatsoever about recommending this book to anyone who’s got, or is thinking about getting, a cat: whether it’s for potty training your cat or just for a better understanding of cat behaviors, trouble-shooting, or improving your relationship with your beloved kitty, I guarantee you’ll learn something useful.

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