Postley Review: A Complete Tool or a Complete Mess?

Facebook and Instagram practically hold the topmost positions in the social media race, and their billions-strong userbase is proof of that. This plus these social networks’ smart algorithms that ensure that the right content is delivered to every user with specific interests makes these two platforms a great way to promote practically anything and everything under the great big sun. Facebook and Instagram are thus two great social networking platforms to draw traffic from, and if you are looking to improve the effectiveness of your traffic generation campaigns in these social networks, check out this new product from Jai Sharma and Emmanuel GB called Postley.

Launching today, November 3, 2020, this brand new offer is a 20-in-1 traffic generation software for Facebook and Instagram. Its features include an ad ads spy, ad campaign creator, ad performance tracker, hidden Facebook interests finder, smart ads scheduler, social post scheduler, graphic editor, stock videos and images, done-for-you templates, team and workspace management, top account audience finder, winning audience finder, top performance tracker, video editor, viral hashtag generator, over 500 done-for-you audiences, caption creator, social post creator, and a dashboard in multiple languages. This is basically a one-stop software and its price will start at $37.

If you are wondering when exactly is Postley going to be launched today, it should not be very long from the time of this writing. Specifically, this product will be out at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, and we do recommend that you bookmark this page and come back right after this new offer is launched if you want more information on this product. We will update this article by then with our complete review and the latest news on this launch.

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