Postistic: A Positive Review

The 11th of June 2019 is an important date for social media marketers. Because on that date, at around 11:00 EDT, Shelley Penney and her partners Amina Malik and Jonathan Oshevire will be releasing the all-in-one social media marketing suite called Postistic. Social media is a great platform for marketing. It helps you connect and engage with your customers as well as increase brand awareness. People have to become aware that your business exists or else they cannot become your customers. However, reaching out to such a large audience on every single social media platform is very tedious and tiring. This is where this product comes in.

Postistic, once out, will be available for purchase for just $25. It contains everything you need in order to reach out to a very large audience of social media users with relative ease. The product has a very user friendly UI allowing people with minimal technical knowledge to operate it. It features the ability to post your posts to 8 major social media platforms which are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, email, Blogger, Tumblr, and WhatsApp. The product comes with ready-made posts and graphics so you can just post immediately without creating your own posts. You can upload your images from either your desktop or from links from other platforms as well. It also comes with a graph that tracks your posts. If you want, you can schedule when the software will post your content or alternatively post it right away.

Get this all-in-one social media marketing suite and you will also get 10 bonuses as well. Postistic is an amazing piece of software that allows you to automate posting and easily reach out to major social platforms with just a click of your mouse. We will soon be following-up this post with an update containing more information regarding this product. So, does this product interest you and you want to know more? If yes, then simply bookmark this page so you can return here easily shortly after the product has launched.

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