An In-Depth Review of Simon Lim’s Plumbers Marketing Packs

Simon Lim is back again with another marketing product built specifically for consultants called Plumbers Marketing Packs. This product is said to be priced at $17 once it has officially been released. Offline jobs or services need proper marketing in order to be actually known and become a trusted brand. That is why roofers, plumbers, and other physical jobs in the real world struggle to actually find any real work. They need help when it comes to marketing their service, so they look for local consultants. With this product, you yourself can become a local consultant, helping local businesses or services find clients and have proper marketing.

Plumbers Marketing Packs will officially launch at exactly 10:00 EDT on the 18th of June 2019. It contains a set of powerful marketing tools and resources that will help you easily find and target high-paying clients looking for local business consultants specifically in the plumbing niche. Plumbing services need a way to actually market their service so that they can get costumers, and you can be that bridge between them and their successful future. This product is a package that contains 10 premium quality promotional videos, 10 professionally written articles, and 30 engaging social media posts. All-in-all the package’s value in total is estimated to be at around $5 500, but for now, you can purchase this product for less than 20 bucks.

Get this product now and you can literally start promoting to potential clients within the next few hours. Plumbers Marketing Packs is a complete package that contains everything you need as a local consultant. If this product has piqued your interest, let us know by clicking the bookmark button on this page. That way, you can easily return to this page if you want to know more about the product, as we will be posting an update containing more details about the product.

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