A Review of Sajan Elanthoor’s [PLR] Zoom Master

Zoom is perhaps one of the most popular apps used for videoconferencing, alongside the likes of Skype and Google Meet. It does not just make for a very effective means to coordinate with your team but also a great way to make good e-commerce money. Many, therefore, are looking to know more about this platform and how they can fully realize its potential for profit. Now you do not need to be a Zoom expert if you want to cash in on this demand, as this new product from Sajan Elanthoor called [PLR] Zoom Master should be able to set you up in this niche.

This product is a digital training course that will walk your customers through the basics of Zoom and how they can make the most profit from their Zoom meetings. It is filled to the brim with tips and best practices that they can replicate, as well as step-by-step guides on using Zoom’s features. This course will come with the marketing materials that will help you sell it as your own product, and it will launch today, October 6, 2020, at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

[PLR] Zoom Master is going to cost $9.95 and the course will come with private label rights, resale rights, and master resale rights that practically lets you take ownership of this product and let you keep all of the profits you make from its sale. This is not a bad price, to say the least, and whether or not it delivers great value for this amount is something that we will let you know in a review that we will soon add to this post. If you want to see it, bookmark this page and feel free to come back at any time right after the product has launched.

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