[PLR] Pandemic Survival Solutions: A Review

March could have been yet another busy month for us, and then the pandemic hit. Many of us have to stay at home for fear of coronavirus infection, and a lot of people have to leave their jobs — and not see pay — for the meantime. Many people have grown anxious as a result and are at a loss with how to cope with dwindling financial reserves, steadily decreasing supply of consumables, and the inability to avail of various services. Now Jonathan Teng has a new product that will basically give you the opportunity to help people cope with living amidst this global health crisis, and make your own income from home at the same time. This is yet another private label rights package of his and it is called [PLR] Pandemic Survival Solutions.

This new product is going to see launch today, March 27, 2020, and its launch is scheduled to go online at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Inside this package is a series of 15 timely and relevant articles that many families and individuals can use in these trying times. The topics include activities that people can do from home, ways to stay healthy, home workout habits, living with a positive mindset, boosting your immune system, how to calmly face the reality of this pandemic, and how businesses can prepare for similar future scenarios. This product will be available for $7.95 and its cost will go up to $9.95 as the launch moves forward.

This post will be updated with a full review of [PLR] Pandemic Survival Solutions right after the product has launched. Bookmark this post and simply return right after the launch goes live if you want to check out our review.

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