A Detailed Review of [PLR] EZ Online Armor

The internet is a large and awesome place filled with content for each and every one of us to enjoy. But the web also has its dark secrets – malware. Malware such as viruses, worms, or trojans sometimes make their way into an unsuspecting user’s device. How sure are you that you are safe surfing the web? Your device, or even your identity, might be at risk in the internet. You will need a way to protect both you and your device from prying eyes and malware in the internet. That is what this $8 product is offering, and it is called [PLR] EZ Online Armor by Jason Oickle.

[PLR] EZ Online Armor is a new 10-part over the shoulder video training series that will help you protect both your device and your identity while surfing online. The videos contained within the product include: Introduction to Online Security, Online Protection 101, Anti-Virus/Firewall, Spyware/Malware Protection, Passwords, Browser Password Breach, Centralize and Encrypt Your Passwords, Surfing Security, How to Spot Phishing Scams, and What to do if Your Identity has been Stolen. It is basically a complete guide on protecting yourself from the various dangers lurking in every corner of the internet. The product also comes with PLR rights, and when purchased now, will include ready-made sales materials such as sales copy, editable graphics, and more.

Protect yourself and secure your device and accounts online with this amazing video guide by Jason Oickle. [PLR] EZ Online Armor will make you surer of yourself when visiting the online world of the internet. If this product interests your, or if security against malware does, then save this page. To do so, simply hover your cursor over the bookmark button on your browser and click it.

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