Review: An In-depth Look at [PLR] Disconnect To Reconnect

Living in this decade of the 21st century is living an existence awash in advanced electronic gadgets and ubiquitous connectivity thanks to the Internet and social media. Living life this way is never healthy for anyone in the long run, and for this reason, many people are looking to disconnect from a life permeated by social media and achieve a semblance of relaxation and peace. Now if you are the type who would want to address this need, Yu Shaun and Cally Lee have a new product that should help you out. It is called [PLR] Disconnect To Reconnect and it will be out today, October 12, 2020.

This brand new product is a course intended for people who want to be disconnected from the digital technologies that have taken over their lives and actually enjoy life as it is. It will show you how to get a dose of digital detoxification by overcoming your addiction to mobile computing devices and the social media. The course will come with private label rights and a ton of sales materials that you can use to market this product, and it will be available for a price that starts at $7.

Yu and team will launch [PLR] Disconnect To Reconnect later this morning at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time — mere moments from the time of this writing. If this offer interests you and you need more info on it, we recommend that you add this article to your bookmarks and come visit again not long after the launch has commenced. We should able to update this page with a full review of this product around that time.

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