Pixivid Templates 2.0: Full Review

Videos often form the core of many effective online marketing campaigns. Videos simply make for great tools to draw your audience’s attention and keep them around long enough to hear about your pitch, eventually engaging them to take the desired course of action. It is not easy to create a good marketing video, however. It takes skill to make sure that not only does your video stand out but that it also works seamlessly with the rest of your campaign. This is a combination that guarantees traffic and conversions and, fortunately, there are plenty of products that can make this a lot easier for you. Azam Dzulfikar will be launching one such product today, April 2, 2020, and it is called Pixivid Templates 2.0.

This new product is a collection of video templates that are designed for quick editing and maximum engagement. There are over 100 video templates in this package, and you can edit all of them in Microsoft PowerPoint. They are organized in x modules, namely Animation Video Templates, Presentation Video Templates, StorieVideo Templates, Instagram Banner, Flyer Banner, Facebook Cover Banner, and Vertical Banner. For a package this huge, the product will only be available for $17.

Pixivid Templates 2.0 will be out at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time this morning. Expect us to update this post with a full review of the product by then, so if you want to learn more about it before you decide whether or not it is worth purchasing, bookmark this page and come back after the launch goes live for our review.

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