A Full Review of Pixielogo Local Edition

A logo is essentially the trademark graphic element of a business, and as such, care has to be taken in its design. Logo design, understandably, is a rather painstaking process, but the team of Danny Adetunji and Ugoo Carson has a new product that makes this process a whole lot easier for you. This new product is called Pixielogo Local Edition, and we are expecting to see this product launch in a couple of days from the time of this writing.

This product is a cloud-based software suite created specifically for logo design. This design suite features over 3,000 premium templates organized according to their respective local niches, a library of over 500,000 icons, 500 ideas for Facebook and Twitter ads, done for you animated videos, and an automatic generator of the design mock up for your brand. This suite will also feature hundreds of premade mock up designs, 200 fonts, editable PowerPoint proposals, done for you business cards, an editor that allows you to add text to your designs, and a whole lot more. This sure sounds like a great deal, and its price for this launch will start at $37. This price tag is slated to go up to $47 as the launch progresses, however.

Danny and Ugoo will launch Pixielogo Local Edition on Saturday, August 31, 2019. We will be certainly looking forward to this product’s launch, and if you are as excited about it as we are, be sure to bookmark this page and return soon after the product has gone live. We are going to update this post with our very own review of this brand new offer by then, on top of the most-up-to-date information on this launch that will come our way.

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